Intro to Athletics Grants


Sometimes our youth just need a little help getting started. Whether it’s a free pair of running shoes, an entry or a membership fee, that’s all they need. Our ACF Intro to Athletics Grants make a big difference in getting youth into sport and keep them away from other less productive choices.



Post-Secondary Scholarships


Continuing Athletic & Academic Pursuits in Canada

We understand the importance of introducing and keeping youth involved in athletics. As a result, the Athletics Canada Foundation is extremely pleased to announce funding for two $5,000 scholarships for graduating high school student athletes annually; one male and one female. School Sport Canada and its member associations are fully in support of this initiative.

The purpose of the scholarship aligns with Athletics Canada Foundations three pillars:

  • Getting youth involved in athletics
  • Keeping youth involved in athletics
  • Promoting excellence and allowing youth to be the best they can be

With that in mind, Athletics Canada and School Sport Canada invite application forms from student athletes who:

  • Have a passion for athletics / cross country and wish to continue in the sport into post-secondary
  • Will study in Canada
  • Are multisport high school athletes (mandatory requirement)
  • Are graduating high school in June 2017
  • Can elaborate on their athletic plans in post-secondary, and why they should be chosen for this scholarship
  • Are graduating high school in June 2019 (please note that the 2018 applications have now closed and news will be release in early spring 2019)



    Excellence Grants


    Trying to be the best you can be is expensive. Whether it’s travel for training camps or competitions, coaching or medical services, or one of many other things that it takes to excel. An ACF Excellence Grant makes a big difference in helping our athletes make national teams, achieve personal bests or get on the podium.

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